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Original Title: Chapter Six

Genge: Action,Crime,Drama,Mystery,Thriller










































Mitch is under arrest for murder. Jump back two weeks: Ray and Tammy find another clue in a document Sarah Holt shredded. It sends Mitch to an insurance company where he expects to question an IT specialist but he's greeted by two vice presidents who won't comment, although one hands Mitch a sales brochure. On a school field trip, one of the Chicago Mob chats with Claire, then she misses a rendezvous with her mother. Mitch's case this week involves a European immigrant arrested for arson and murder; the evidence is flimsy and the judge suggests to Mitch that he waive a jury trial. A double-cross sends Mitch on the warpath.
Mitch's client-of-the-day becomes a pawn in a judge's election campaign. A new clue in the Sarah Holt case leads to the insurance company where Mitch first meets Martin Moxon. Mobster Morolto refrains from action, raising eyebrows.


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Italian Movie Download Chapter Six