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Original Title: Steel Empire

Genge: Action,Adventure,Fantasy,Sci-Fi


































In fact, 'generic' is too fancy a word for this game. It tries to attempt the same sort of atmosphere seen in the recent film Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, with Jules Verne-type technology in a 19th century setting. But it's so dull and uninteresting.

You have the choice of playing as biplane or a blimp (hardly the best kind of combat vehicle) as you fly through several slightly atmospheric stages blasting at generic enemies and catching generic power-ups. There's almost no skill involved in it at all. And the music is some of the most boring I've ever encountered in a video-game.

I can't think of anything to recommend this game. The Gameboy Advance version features slightly improved graphics and altered cut scenes, but would still never ever consider paying full price for this. If you're desperately keen then pay less than half price for the GBA version if you can and ignore the Sega release.

Graphics C+ Sound D+ Gameplay C- Lasting Appeal D


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Steel Empire Dubbed Italian Movie Free Download Torrent